I am an Ecologist, NASA graduate fellow, and Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University. My research in the Lynch Lab is focused on understanding ecological dynamics in the highly seasonal Southern Ocean and Antarctic ecosystems.

The majority of this work seeks to better understand how global change is impacting the way in which these systems operate, largely using seabirds as a focal study group. I am particularly interested in the relationships between the timing of key ecological events (phenology), food web dynamics, and population processes, and how these relationships are changing over time. This area of study has implications for better understanding not only the underlying structure of ecological interactions, but also the vulnerability of these systems (and others) to environmental change. I apply a range of techniques (hierarchical Bayesian modeling, quantitative remote sensing, stable isotope analysis, genomics) to data derived from a number of sources (field collections, satellite sensors, citizen science, historical records) to explore these questions.

I am ultimately interested in the implications these findings have both for basic questions in ecology and for management applications in the polar regions and beyond.

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